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Wholesale Simplified

Businesses frequently find themselves searching through multiple wholesalers to fulfill their needs, a process that’s both time-consuming and taxing. Moreover, we’ve observed that foreign supermarkets often face challenges securing top-tier brands. To address this, we provide customers the ability to request specific products directly, eliminating the need for further searches.

Wholesale Shop

Experience seamless shopping for top-tier brands with the assurance of quality and authenticity. At Trademix, we redefine wholesale by offering an unparalleled range of products under one roof.

Sourcing new products

With our dedicated team and extensive industry insights, we scout, curate, and introduce the latest products to keep your offerings fresh and relevant

Worldwide Connections

With offices strategically positioned in Dubai, China, and The Netherlands, our influence spans continents. Tap into our expansive network and ensure your product needs are met, no matter where they arise.

Trademix is an authorized distributor of Flowflex

Meet Trademix

Trademix is a leading B2B enterprise dedicated to bridging the gap between customers and suppliers. Leveraging our extensive global network and deep industry expertise, we are adept at meeting your specific needs and aspirations. Efficiency is at the heart of our operations, ensuring time-saving solutions for our partners. As a dynamic and forward-thinking entity, our tight-knit team is driven by innovation. Our mission is to revolutionize European wholesale by delivering supplies that are in paramount demand.

Big Reach

Maximizing reach and sourcing quality products for you.

Maximizing reach and sourcing quality products for you.

What you can expect from us

Swift and Stellar Service

Time is of the essence in the world of wholesale. Our commitment to speed doesn't compromise quality. Experience rapid responses and exceptional service standards that redefine industry norms.

100% Guaranteed

Revolutionizing Global Wholesale

Beyond mere transaction, we're on a mission to reshape the very landscape of global wholesale. By bridging gaps, introducing efficiencies and delivering in-demand supplies.

Innovative Direct-Request System

No more endless searching. With our unique direct-request service, you dictate your needs. From top-tier brands to niche products, we ensure you get precisely what you're looking for, hassle-free.

Unparalleled Product Diversity

From the everyday essentials to the unique and niche, dive into our vast inventory that spans the spectrum of consumer demands. At Trademix, variety isn't just an offering, it's a promise.