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In the dynamic world of global commerce, Trademix stands as a beacon of excellence and efficiency. Established with a profound vision to redefine the wholesale landscape, Trademix is not just another wholesale company; we are a connection, a bridge, a solution.

Originating from strategic hubs in Dubai, China, and The Netherlands, our reach is truly international, yet our services are personalized to each partner. This global presence allows us to tap into diverse markets, ensuring a breadth and depth of products that few can match.

At the core of Trademix’s ethos is our commitment to speed and excellence. Each request, no matter its magnitude, is met with a rapid response—a testament to our unwavering dedication to our partners. This dedication is powered by a team that’s not just skilled but also innovative, constantly pushing boundaries to make sourcing easier, swifter, and more efficient.

We understand the challenges businesses face in today’s saturated market. The search for quality products can often become a labyrinth of choices. That’s where we come in. With an unparalleled network and industry expertise, we’ve simplified the process. Whether it’s securing top-tier brands for foreign supermarkets or introducing a new product to the market, our vast inventory and unique direct-request service ensure you get precisely what you need without the exhaustive search.

Being a leading B2B enterprise, our mission is audacious yet simple: to revolutionize European wholesale, meeting paramount demands, and consistently bridging the gap between suppliers and customers.

Choose Trademix. Choose excellence. Discover a world where quality, diversity, and efficiency converge. Welcome to the future of wholesale.

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We supply the world


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Trademix adapts to changing market demands by continuously conducting market research and closely collaborating with our suppliers and customers. We use advanced data analytics tools to identify trends and adjust our product range and inventory levels accordingly.